Want To Be A Great Executive? Here Is How My High Performance Executive Coaching Can Help You

By Eduard Ezeanu: 7+ Years of International Executive Coaching Experience

As an executive manager, your work involves striving for ambitious targets, dealing with complicated business situations, and interacting with a variety of people.

Understandably, at times your performance may fall short, due to a shortage of proper skills, knowledge or attitudes. You may feel then like you’re facing a wall you cannot climb with your current equipment. That’s when you may consider working with a capable executive coach.

Hi! My name is Eduard Ezeanu, and I believe I’m the coach for you.

I've been working in the adult education field for over a decade, I've been a full-time coach for 8+ years, and I've been doing executive coaching extensively for the past 7+ years.

To date, I’ve coached clients from over 20 countries, on 5 continents, many of which have been executives from companies in an array of industries, including Fortune 500 companies. I have a degree in Psychology and I love helping people be all they can be.

My executive coaching services are a practical, personalized solution to assist you to be a high-performing and admired executive. And they’re accessible from anywhere in the world via phone or Skype.

In the following lines, I’d like to show you precisely what they can do for you, how they work, and why they’re worth investing in.

The 7 Goals My Coaching Can Help You Achieve

As a coach, I am particularly skilled at helping executives improve in the areas of communication, confidence and decision-making, which are areas I’ve worked on with over 200 coaching clients over the past 7+ years.

More specifically, there are 7 key goals my coaching can help you achieve in order to be a better, more accomplished leader. I can help you:

- Communicate with clarity, flair and impact in meetings and in one-on-one business situations.

- Give memorable and persuasive presentations in front of audiences of any size and composition.

- Inspire, teach, supervise and motivate appropriately all the members of your team.

- Manage conflict and deal effectively with difficult people in the workplace.

- Manage your emotions well, to stay confident and composed during tense, sensitive situations.

- Grab career opportunities and move up the leadership ladder to more fulfilling positions.

- Get clarity on complex business situations, make correct decisions and carry them out effectively.

If any of these goals are relevant to you, here’s how my coaching can help you achieve them, and do so faster and more proficiently.

My Fine-Tuned Executive Coaching Method

I’ve studied and used various coaching approaches. Over time though, seeking to maximize the positive impact of my work, I've developed and perfected my own inimitable executive coaching method. I take pride in the powerful results it creates.

This is what it entails and what you can expect working one-on-one with me:

Addressing the HOW, not just the WHAT. Coaching often fails because it only helps individuals discover what to change, but not how to change it precisely. It often stops at delivering trite, generic ideas such as “You should be more confident” or “You need to be more people-oriented”. Yeah, but... how?!

My coaching method goes deep into the HOW, equipping you with specific tools and techniques for making relevant changes. For example: precise cognitive-behavioral techniques for boosting confidence; or specific mindsets, behaviors and body-language to adopt to be more people-oriented.

We will dig together with surgical precision into all significant layers of the issue, in order to produce well-defined, applicable and effective solutions.

A mix of directive and non-directive coaching. Sometimes during coaching I may be entirely non-directive and act only as a facilitator. I will use thought-provoking questions, active listening and paraphrasing to help you find your own solutions to your problems, drawing from your experience and know-how.

Other times though, I may take on a more active role and be more directive. I will teach you relevant strategies and techniques, or give you explicit feedback to help you reach your goals.

I've always found this mixed approach to produce by far the best and fastest results.

Reliable, tried & tested information. When I will teach you strategies or techniques to use for a specific outcome, these won't be something I pulled out of some cheesy self-help book.

Many of them will have been confirmed to be effective by rigorous scientific studies; and virtually all of them will have been successfully used by many of my coaching clients before you.

The advice I offer in coaching is solid, well proven advice, and you can be sure you'll see results when you put it into practice, especially as you'll do so under my guidance.

Support to make lasting improvements. Sometimes through coaching, you'll be seeking some extra clarity or insight to help you carry out a one-time action. Like if you're trying to decide if you should let go of a certain team member or not.

Many times though, your interest will be to create a lasting change in your behavior or emotions, for better performance. Like if you wanna regularly communicate more convincingly in meetings or keep your cool during heated discussions.

In this second case, we're talking about changing your habits, skills or attitudes, which only happens by consistently practicing new ways of thinking and behaving over a period of time, until you internalize them and they've become second nature.

Practicing something consistently is likely to be particularly challenging for you as an executive, given the many demands placed on you. It's hard to find the time, energy and mental space to do something new with regularity.

This is why, as your executive coach, I will give a lot of attention to providing you the planning, focus, encouragement, extra accountability and self-management tools that will permit you to apply key ideas and techniques consistently, and make lasting improvements.

A bit of tough love. In each coaching session, I will show understanding and empathy; I will support and encourage you. But I will also be honest and straightforward with you.

So at times, I may tell you things you may not fully like to hear, even though I'll say them respectfully. Some may be things others around you think, but never say to you.

I will only state them because I believe you really need to hear them in order to move forward. It will be bitter but necessary medicine, and overall it will lead to much progress.

This is my approach to coaching. If it sounds right for you, then get in touch. We can work together no matter where you’re located, via phone or Skype.

If you're still thinking, then I invite you to keep reading.

Get the First 2 Coaching Sessions for Just $90 Together

So far I’ve tried to paint you a vivid picture of my executive coaching style and what it can help you achieve.

Ultimately though, I believe that the best way to find out if a coaching service is good for you is to test it for yourself. Nothing compares to actually working one-on-one with a certain executive coach as a way to understand what they can do for you.

Thus, I wanna encourage you to try working with me, by making you a very special offer:

I’m gonna offer you 2 full executive coaching sessions with me (lasting an hour each) at the special price of just $90 US together. That means you’ll be paying for these two sessions just 1/4 of what you’d be paying for them at my regular coaching fees.

Two coaching sessions are enough for you to form a clear impression about my coaching style and also see genuine benefits if they can be achieved, while at the same time not a big time investment if they hypothetically prove unproductive.

And $90 is a minor price tag for an executive, but also a crucial method for me to filter out people who are not willing to invest financially in their growth. So I trust you can see the logic behind this offer.

This Special Coaching Offer Will Run Out

I have to warn you though that, given my busy schedule, I only put out a few of these discounted 2-session coaching packages per month, as an extra incentive for execs who find me online to try my services. Some months I don’t offer any at all.

At this time, there are only two 2-session executive coaching package still available for purchase this month for $90 US, to fill two trial coaching slots.

So I strongly recommend you take advantage of this very special offer right now, and see what the coaching does for you. I believe it will do a lot.

You have no further obligations after these two coaching sessions.


If you find the two sessions useful and you wanna continue working with me to see even more progress, I’ll be more than happy to keep coaching you. You will then be able to pay in 2 ways:

- Per individual coaching session (lasting one hour): $180 US.

- Per 5-session coaching package (5 hours total): $700 US.

So if you’re interested in working with me or having someone else on your team work with me, please email me at contact(at)iameduard(dot)com, or write me using this form.

Also, if you have any questions or queries about my executive coaching services, don’t hesitate to contact me. I reply promptly and personally to all emails.

It’s human nature to feel some hesitation when we wanna try something new. Yet our best accomplishments in life and work start off precisely by trying something new.

When the facts are right, it’s worth moving pass the hesitation and taking action. It’s what great leaders do.

So I invite you to give working with me a try, and I’m looking forward to your email.

Best wishes,

Your coach,

Eduard Ezeanu

PS: I suggest you bookmark this page for future reference.

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